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The Melting Pot Music Society began developing the concept of the Melting Pot Music Festival with the spirit and intention of inclusion, diversity, creativity, and providing experiences that are unique, engaging, and interactive. and was formed because of the need to create more events that were dedicated to variety, open-minded creativity, and positive growth for the arts and entertainment culture. Although music is undoubtedly the driving force behind the Melting Pot Music Festival, there are a number of other attractions that continues enhance the overall experience of the festival-goer that one might not expect to see at a music festival, and we are extremely proud of that!

2016 Attendance 3600

2017 Attendance 7300

2018 Attendance 12675

We will strive to be the best possible festival and we will set high standards when it comes to engaging fans, volunteers, businesses, sponsors, and everyone in between. We firmly believe that our commitment and dedication to the mission of being a constructive and positive influence in our communities. Who says that you can’t have fun while doing something so worthwhile?


Fusion Fest is amazing showcase and celebration of creativity, inclusion, diversity, and the contributions of so many phenomenal women that have influenced and impacted the arts culture and community. Fusion Fest will be a ground-breaking, all-inclusive event, as everyone is welcome to experience, watch, listen, participate, share, and enjoy what is going to be a tremendous showing of the finest female creatives, musicians, and business owners. The festival will have on full display imaginative leadership at all levels, both vocally and visually, of the amazing women that live, work, and create in the community. Music is a universal language that brings people together, and Fusion Fest (Femme Takeover), will be the ultimate embodiment of such togetherness as we welcome everyone to witness this inaugural celebration of music, art, culture, health/wellness, food, and amazingly positive energy!  


The Melting Pot Music Society plans to begin marketing efforts for Kids Rock beginning August 2019, and the event will be held on March 21st, 2020 at Barnet Park. Kids Rock will be a youth-centric festival featuring performers from elementary, middle, and high schools, scattered in with college aged performers and special guests. We will showcase and feature aspiring vocal performers, instrumentalists, dancers, and a variety of other unique talents from the rising stars from local and regional future stars. In what will be a fast-paced, energetic, and fun-filled showcase of diverse talent, we are confident that Kids Rock will be one of those events that can keep the atmosphere buzzing for months with anticipation.We hope that with Kids Rock Festival, students that perform on that day will pursue their dreams and passions from that day forward!

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